Shuswap Yoga


Summer Solstice Sadhana 2016


Monday  June 13 - Friday June 24

(Sadhana “light”  Saturday and Sunday not included!)

6:30 - 7:30am


Cost:  $100.00


"Sadhana" is a quest or practice in the tradition of yoga. Challenge yourself and enjoy 10 days of early morning guided yoga practice with the support of other yoga practitioners around you.


Let your practice bloom along with the daily blooming of the roof garden!  It's a fine way to greet the long days as summer approaches, and deepen your own practice at the same time.


Participants are encouraged to honour their current level of practice. All classes of poses will be practiced in a quiet, guided setting with minimal instruction. Each day will include an optional silent seated or walking meditation for 10 minutes following the practice. The final morning will include a continental breakfast (possibly outdoor on the SASCU rooftop patio).


This sadhana is suitable for students with a minimum of 6 months experience in a regular weekly class, with a regular practice of shoulderstand.


Contact Laurie 250-832-0367 or

for more information and to pre- register for this Sadhana by June 8.


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