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The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life. BKS Iyengar


There are seven major categories of poses or asanas:  standing poses, forward extensions, back extensions, twists, inversions, seated poses and relaxation or restorative poses.  A variety of props are used when necessary to support a student including blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, a rope wall.  All classes include personal attention and adjustments as needed.  Please contact us for more information and to register for a session.


B.K.S. Iyengar explained the major benefit of props as being neurological control. “Neurology” he said “is the hub of the life force.” You can use props in a way that doesn’t over exert or jangle the nerves. On the contrary, working with a prop can strengthen and calm the nerves. A table or trestle or even a wall can support and hold the body securely so that the energy needed to explore a particular extension or opening can be freed up. In this way, props can support and stabilize the outer body without restricting the freedom of movement of the organic body.



Yoga Basics/Foundation

Short sessions that introduce a student to Iyengar yoga, with a focus on stability and mobility, breath awareness and the concept of sequencing with the 7 classes of poses.



Relaxation poses that help us to become quiet, let go of tension and restore balance.  Many poses are done for longer holdings, on the floor with props to support you. Excellent for those with stress related illness, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, etc.  It is a nice pause in the middle of the day for those who need this.



A class for anyone who is challenged with a residual injury, a chronic condition or an individual who would like a gentle approach to the practice of yoga.  This class includes restorative poses and supported variations of classical poses to achieve maximum benefit of each pose.  

Chair Yoga

For individuals who are unable to get down to the floor. A variety of poses are adapted with the assistance of a chair - seated and standing.  The rope wall is used in this class in conjunction with and independent of the chair. A good class for those with recent knee and hip surgeries or chronic conditions in these joints.


Level 1

A regular introductory class for a healthy individual interested in exploring the classes of poses: standing, forward extensions, back extensions, twists, and seated postures. 


Level 2

This level continues on from Level 1, with longer holds taken in the poses and the introduction of shoulderstand and preparations for headstand.  Improving strength and stamina are integrated into this level.


Level 3

An advanced class with an exploration of more complex postures, and the progression to full independent shoulderstand, head stand, while introducing more of the Sanskrit language of the poses and integrating more advanced levels of pranayama.


Form and Foundation 

A combination of Level 1, Flow and Strength and Stamina. Each class is unique in its focus but builds a strong foundation for more advanced classes.


Yoga for Kids  (ages 6 – 9)

A fun and interactive class for children aged 6 – 9 years. Asana (poses), movement, breathing and meditation covered.


Level 1/ Therapeutic

For students who wish to work more specifically with what is going on in their bodies: injuries, unfunctional movement patterns, pain. There is a class limit for this class so please register early to ensure your spot.


A class for students who have taken at least one session of Level 1. A variety of poses are taken that are linked together, flowing from one to another in an extended sequence.  Students need to be familiar and comfortable with the introductory postures in all of the classes.


Teen Flow Class

1 hr. introductory sessions for teens. The basic poses are linked in a slow moving flow sequence.

Strength and Stamina

Specific poses aimed at building strength and stamina. Key areas are,  the core ( front and back body) the upper body as well as the legs.  The poses will be held slightly longer to gain stamina.



This is the study and manipulation of the breath.  Pranayama is taught only after a student has a solid awareness of her/his breath.  It is introduced in the most basic manner from the Gentle class onwards.


Breath Awareness and Meditation 

This one hour class is an introduction to breathing techniques that are taught along with poses that gently open the body.  The meditation aspect covers a variety of ways to bring a quietness and a peacefulness within.  Yoga experience recommended, but not essential, talk with instructor to see if this class is for you.


Meditation Sitting Group

An offering to those who would like to explore meditation. The teachings of the Buddha are explored within the framework of the Sangha (sitting group)  There is no formal teacher. The evening is guided by those present.  Contact Laurie.



This class is for healthy students aged 60 and better.  The class focuses on building and maintaining stability, mobility while increasing flexibility and greater breath awareness.  A wide variety of postures are taught in a modified manner to support a mature body that has experienced a good deal of life!







               Here is a YouTube video from Portland Maine Yoga 
                      describing some aspects of Iyengar Yoga














The Sanskrit language is the primary language of yoga.  “Sadhana” means quest or practice.  A Sadhana is a specially denoted period of time spanning 5 – 40 or more continual uninterrupted days of yoga practice.  Typically done in the early morning, it is a guided practice, not a class, so one must have a good foundation of all of the categories of postures.  It is also typically done in “noble silence’ to support an inwardly focused time during the practice time, which can range from one to two hours.  The Sadhana is a wonderful way to deepen one’s study and practice of this ancient tradtion.


Early Riser

A practice done in the morning, usually before the formal work day begins.  It is a shorter practice with some teaching, but primarily is a time to wake up to the day practicing a variety of postures to help focus and clear the mind for the day’s work ahead.

Please note that not all of these classes are currently running.  If you are interested, contact us. 






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