Class Etiquette
 Please be on time for your class, well hydrated before class begins.
Food: Refrain from eating for two hours prior to class. Please refrain from chewing gum during class.
Bring with you only what clothing and props you need.  Space is sparse for personal items.
Leave cell phones at home or be sure yours is turned off if you bring it
Wear suitable clothing: footless tights or shorts, a comfortable Tshirt
Bring your own mat.  If you choose to use the studio mats, remember to clean your mat before returning it to its place in the prop storage area
Put away the props you use.
Special Needs: Be sure to inform of any injuries, physical ailments or medical conditions (including menstrual cycle) so poses can be modified for your needs.
Scents: Many students have allergies to perfumes so please refrain from heavy scented products.
Choose to leave your judgements and expectations – of self and others at the door.
Help to support a quiet, refreshing atmosphere in the studio before and after class. 



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